Our Mission:

At Creative Arts Early Learning Academy, it is our mission to love and cherish our students.  We strive to foster healthy, happy attitudes, while pushing each child to his or her greatest potential. 

Our Philosophy:

At Creative Arts Early Learning Academy, our philosophy guides our actions every day.  Simply stated, we believe: 

1. Every child is different, and needs to be loved for who they are.

2. Children learn best in a project based learning environment.

3. Small groups, where they have access to technology, top-notch educators, and an all-inclusive curriculum create the best learning environment.  This includes integrating the arts, music, sign language, Spanish, yoga, and health and wellness.

4. Children grow and thrive when they are involved in learning on a daily basis.  We believe that with daily reinforcement of love we will add to the acceptance of self, while growing each child into the future leaders of tomorrow.

5. Children will achieve great things when they are in a safe and secure environment, where they can feel free to be themselves.

Why Us?:

1. Our experienced staff has a deep love for children and an undying passion for early childhood education.

2. Our unique approach to teaching incorporates the arts while using classroom technology to teach academics, music, sign language, Spanish, yoga, and health and wellness.

3. Our brand-new facility is state-of-the-art and is safely protected by the latest in classroom security.

4. We offer safe, affordable, and flexible infant and toddler care.

5. Creative Arts Early Learning Academy will develop a child’s character and self-esteem while providing them with the social and emotional skills to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.