We love and cherish every one of our amazing students. We look forward to their growth and development as we guide them through the wonderful journey of education.

Your Child’s Work

Our learning center is very different from most other preschools, and the tour shows you what we do and why we do it. We do not rely on worksheets to teach your child (although we do introduce worksheets to the older children so they will be familiar with them in kindergarten), so don’t be alarmed if you rarely get any papers—or if you only get an art project. This does not represent all that your child learned that day. Your child may wish to color with markers for a few minutes every day before he /she gets started on difficult activities. Because we allow this, we generally get good work out of the children during other parts of the morning. You are welcome at any time to ask your teacher to show you what activities your child has been doing and she can even leave out an activity your child worked for you to see at pick-up time. We will have conferences and /or progress reports during the school year to give you an opportunity to see what your child has been doing.

Many parents have asked for suggestions to improve self-help skills at home. Listed below is a list of the basics that a preschooler should be able to do (and generally already does well at school). Enlist your child’s help in these areas!

Self-Help Skills:

  • Throwing own trash away
  • Setting the table
  • Cleaning up space after dinner and bringing dirty plate and cup to the sink
  • Washing some items in soapy water
  • Washing hands correctly with soap and water
  • Pouring own drink
  • Dressing self, pulling up pants or shorts and zipping.
  • Bathroom—wiping own self, buttoning pants.
  • Putting away a toy after playing with it
  • Handling books properly
  • Putting shoes where they belong
  • Putting dirty clothes where they belong
  • Helping with laundry: matching socks or folding wash cloths, sorting each person’s clothes
  • Practicing opening and closing containers.